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Mazatlán Attractions

There are many attractions in Mazatlán, Mexico that you may want to visit during your stay in Mazatlán.  We will tell you about some of the most popular, unique, and interesting attractions in Mazatlán.  We will also tell you as much information as we can about the attraction such as the admission fees, location, how much time to spend at the attraction, give you our take on the attraction, and throw in some photos!  Click on any photo to find out more!

Malecon (Sea Wall) in Mazatlán

Malecon(Seawall) The Malecon is a 13 mile long seawall that runs along the beach in Mazatlán.  It is just beautiful.  People run, walk, and bicycle along it.  Along the malecon are many famous monuments such as the Fishermen's, pulmonia, and Pacifico Brewery monuments.

Mazatlán Beaches

Beaches One of the main reason people come to Mazatlán is for it'sBeaches.  Mazatlán has miles of beaches.  It is safe to swim at most of the beaches as many stay shallow for a long way out.  Many people love that you walk for miles on the relatively flat beaches.

Mazatlán Cathedral

Cathedral The main Cathedral in Mazatlán is beautiful baroque style building right in the center of downtown Mazatlán.  It is well worth a visit even if you are not religious.

Mazatlán Aquarium

Aquarium The Mazatlán Aquarium is a large aquarium with many displays and shows including a brand new shark tank, sea lion show, and bird show.  This is a great attraction to take children and spend half a day.

Angela Peralta Theatre

Angela Peralta Theatre The Angela Peralta Theatre is a fabulous old theatre in the old part of mazatlan that hosts many concerts and dances.  If you are looking for some Mexican culture be sure to take in a show.

El Faro Lighthouse

El Faro Lighthouse The El Faro Lighthouse is the 2nd highest lighthouse in the world.  You can hike to the top of this attraction for free and get the best view in all of mazatlan.  This attraction is only for healthy active visitors.

Seashell City Museum

Seashell Museum The Seashell City Museum is a long standing free attraction.  It is often overlooked, but actually has some fantastic shells and bones on display.  This is a good way to spend an hour when you are in the Golden Zone.

De Cima Tunnel

De Cima TunnelA little known free attraction that is unique to mazatlan is the De Cima Tunnel.  This is a tunnel under the malecon that has fabulous tile mosaics of sea life.  This attraction is for those looking for something unique!

Mazatlán Cliff Divers

Mazatlán Cliff Divers Mazatlán has divers that dive off of a platform into the ocean.  Although it is not nearly as high a dive as in Acapulco, it is still breathtaking.  Everyday, starting in the early afternoon until sunset, divers will dive off of the platform into the ocean for donations by spectators.  They dive at an area called 'La Clavadista' which is on Paseo Claussen between Los Pinos and Olas Altas.


Sunsets Sunsets in Mazatlán are fantastic!  Many people go out to watch the sunset at Joe's Oyster Bar or at the top of the Posada Freeman Hotel.
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Pedro Infante Museum

Pedro Infante Museum

Mazagua Water Park

Mazagua Water Park

Mazatlán Archaelogical Museum

Mazatlán Archaelogical Museum


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