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Mazatlán Healthcare

This page will provide information on healthcare such as Optometrists, Doctors, Dentists, Spa/Massage, and Medical Imaging Centres in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

There are public and private hospitals and private clinics in in Mazatlán.  As of 2019, they are building a big brand new public hospital in the northern part of Mazatlán

Optometrists in Mazatlán

Optometrists in Mazatlán

There are optometrists in Mazatlan.  We have used and highly recommend Optica Cientifica which is located Downtown on the far side of the plaza opposite the Cathedral.  They speak english and do quality work.

Doctors in Mazatlán

Dentists in Mazatlán

Spa and Massage in Mazatlán

Spas in Mazatlán

There are many spas and massage locations in Mazatlan.  Most of the big hotels will have a spa that will give massages and other spa services.  In the Golden Zone, all you need to do is to walk down the street and there will be a spa on almost every block or two.

Medical Imaging Centres


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