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Mazatlán Events

There are many events in Mazatlán, Mexico that you can participate in on your Mazatlán visit.  Here are some of the most popular and interesting Events.  Click on any photo to find out more!

Be sure also to check out our 2020 Mazatlán Events Calendar which is a more comprehensive listing of events happening in Mazatlán.

2020 Mazatlán Events Calendar

Event Calendar 2020 Mazatlán Events Calendar

Carnival in Mazatlán

Carnival Carnival in Mazatlán

Spring Break in Mazatlán

Spring Break Spring Break in Mazatlán

Easter Week (Semana Santa) in Mazatlán

Easter (semana santa) Easter Week in Mazatlán

International Motorcycle Week

International Motorcycle Week International Motorcycle Week -April

Mexican Independence Day (Sep 16)

Mexican Independence Day (Sep 16) Mexican Independence Day

There are parties all over Mazatlán to celebrate Mexican Independence Day (dia de la Independencia) that occurred on Sep 16, 1810.  The previous day, Sep 15, is called the Cry of Dolores (El Grito de Dol).  In Mazatlán, there are events in the Republic Plaza (Plazuela de la Republica) which is downtown in front of the cathedral.  A flag is traditionally given to the mayor who waves it from the balcony of city hall!  There are also usually music, dancers, and fireworks!  Around Sep 16, there is usually an Independence Day parade that goes down the malecon.  There are many other events around town for Independence Day.

Note that a number of streets in downtown (El Centro) and the Avenida del Mar are closed for celebrations.  The malecon is usually closed from the Fisherman's Monument to Avenida de los Deportes for the parade.

Halloween in Mazatlán

Halloween Halloween in Mazatlán

Halloween is not traditionally celebrated in Mazatlán, but is growing in popularity.  Many bars and restaurants now will have Halloween parties in which many people will dress up in costumes.  Joe's Oyster Bar hosts the largest halloween party in Mazatlán.  They have a big halloween display that you walk through and also big costume contest that takes place late (2:30am or later)

Day of the Dead in Mazatlán

Day of the Dead Day of the Dead   More info...

Day of the Dead takes place on November 1 of every year.  Many local families will celebrate Day of the Dead by visiting their dead relatives in cemeteries and/or putting out alters to their dead relatives.  There is also a huge Day of the Dead parade in the Old Town of Mazatlán.  Anyone, including tourists, can participate in this parade.  Many people dress up in Day of the Dead costumes.

Mazatlán International Triathlon

Mazatlán International Triathlon Mazatlán International Triathlon June

Gran Marathon Pacifico

Malecon in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico Malecon in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

The Gran Marathon Pacifico is the annual international marathon that takes place on a weekend each year in November/December in Mazatlán.  There is usually a 5k and 10k run on the Saturday then a half and full marathon on the Sunday.  The race course is completely flat and much of the race takes place on the Malecon which is shut down to vehicles for this event.  This is a very scenic race because it takes place next to the ocean!  Depending on the weather, the temperature can get hot at this time of year.  Even though the race is early in the morning, it can still get hot.  The entry fees are reasonable and there is an english speaking registration desk.

Note that the marathon did not take place in 2018 due to the reconstruction of the Maleconn.


Mazatlán Comedy Club

Hotel Playa Mazatlán in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico Hotel Playa Mazatlán in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Each year, the Mazatlán Comedy Club brings in 1st class comedians or tribute artists every month from October to April to perform in the Venados Room at the Hotel Playa Mazatlan.  2020 is the 6th season of the Comedy Club.  Ticket prices include an open bar and dinner buffet.

Website: Mazatlán Comedy Club

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