Mazatlán Activities -Things to do in Mazatlán |  - Everything you need to know about visiting and residing in Mazatlán Mexico!

Mazatlán Activities

There are many activities and things that you can do in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico on your visit.

Here is information on some of the most popular activities that are done in Mazatlán.  Click on any photo to find out more!



Mazatlán is home to the Pacifico beer brewery and hence Pacifico beer is the most popular drink in town.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) there is a lot of drinking going on in Mazatlán in the bars, nightclubs, restaurants, and on the beach!

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From street tacos to hot dogs to seafood to traditional Mexican and fine dining, Mazatlán has a wide variety of food to eat!  Since Mazatlán is known as the shrimp capital of Mexico, shrimp and seafood are widely available.

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One of the things we love about Mazatlan is that there is lots of music and hence lots of dancing.  There is a lot of live music at restaurants, bars and nightclubs where you can dance!

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Mazatlán Tours


There are many tours that you can take when you in Mazatlán.  These tours include tours within Mazatlan such as the City tour, Stone Island tour, Deer Island tour, and tours to small towns near Mazatlan such as Concordia, Copalla, or El Quelite.  Most tours are available to be booked at most of the larger hotels in Mazatlán.

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Beach Activities in Mazatlán


There are so manybeach activities that you can do in mazatlan such as: kayaking, jet skiing, boogie boarding, horseback riding, sailing, para-sailing, surfing, snorkelling, banana boating, beach volleyball, swimming, etc.

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Shopping in Mazatlán


Many women(I mean people..ha ha) like to go shopping when in Mazatlán.  You can shop for some famous Mexican silver jewelry, fabulous Mexican art, tacky mexican tourist souvenirs, and even some latin american fashion!

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Professional Baseball in Mazatlán


There is professional baseball played in Mazatlán from November to January.  The Mazatlán Venados play in the Mexican Winter League.  This is a very high-level of baseball.

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Professional Basketball in Mazatlán

Basketball in Mazatlán Basketball

There is professional basketball played in Mazatlán from March to June.  The Mazatlán Nauticos play in the Pacific Coast Basketball Circuit.  They have only been around a few years.

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Professional Football(Soccer) in Mazatlán

Football(soccer) in Mazatlán Football

As of 2021, Mazatlan has a footballb team in the first division of the Liga Mx which is the top soccer league in Mexico.  The team plays in a brand new stadium called the Kracken.  The league plays 2 tournaments in July to December and January to May each year.

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Fishing in Mazatlán


You can go fishing in Mazatlán by renting a boat near the El Faro Lighthouse or from the marina in Marina Mazatlán.  

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Golfing in Mazatlán


There are a number of golf courses in Mazatlán where you can go golfing!  

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Tennis in Mazatlán

Tennis Courts in Mazatlán

There are tennis courts at the El Cid Golf and Country Club in the Golden Zone.

Hiking in Mazatlán


There are two places where people go hiking in Mazatlán.  The El Faro Lighthouse is a vertical hike which yields a great view.  The Estero del Yugo eco preserve near Cerritos has trails which people hike.

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Movie Theatres in Mazatlán

Movies Movies

If you need to cool down, watching a movie in an air-conditioned movies theatre is a good activity.  There are theatres near Cerritos, in the Golden Zone, and in the Gran Plaza Mall south of the Golden Zone.  Movies are usually in Spanish or English with Spanish Subtitles.  Be sure to check the movie posters to be sure that you get the correct language.  1st run movies in Mexico have cheaper admission fees than in the US or Canada so you can get a deal by seeing a movie in Mazatlán.

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Karaoke in Mazatlán


If you like to sing or watch people attempting to sing, you can find karaoke almost every day of the week (during high season) in Mazatlán.

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Bicycling in Mazatlán

Bicycling in Mazatlán

There is a beautiful new bicycle lane along the Malecon in Mazatlán.  Additionally, there are bicycle lanes up Rafael Buelna and at Cerritos that you can use to bicycle.

Bird Watching in Mazatlán

Bird Watching

Bird Watching in Mazatlán is growing in popularity.  From watching the pelicans fishing just off the beach to the many migratory birds that pass through the estuary, there are many different species of birds to see!

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