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Things and People you will see Only in Mazatlán

There are many things and people that are unique to Mazatlán!  Many people that visit Mazatlan, and even some that live there, don't realize some of the truly unique things and people that actually exist in Mazatlán and make Mazatlán what it is!  We have been in Mazatlán for about 30 years and continue to search out interesting things and people.  Here is our list of things and people that you will only see and experience in Mazatlán!

If you know of something else that is truly unique to Mazatlán, please contact us and we will consider adding it to our list for everyone to enjoy!

Pulmonia Taxis


Why have doors and windows on taxis?  In Mazatlán, we have Pulmonias which are actually suped-up Volkswagons that may or may not have doors and windows!  These are great for short trips in the tourist zones and are unique to Mazatlán.

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Pacifico Brewery

Pacifico Brewery

Pacifico Brewery which brews Mazatlán's beer called Pacifico.  It is the perfect beer for the climate of Mazatlán.

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Shrimp Ladies

Shrimp Ladies

Mazatlán is the shrimp capital of Mexico and to really experience shrimp you need to buy it from the Shrimp Ladies (Las Changueras in Spanish) who sell it on one block near downtown Mazatlán.  You can take it home to cook or take it to one of the nearby restaurants for them to cook up for you.

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Hotel De Cima Tunnel

Hotel De Cima tunnel mosaic under the malecon in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

The Hotel De Cima Tunnel under the Malecon in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico is one of only two tunnels that allow people to access the beach by going under the malecon.  This tunnel connects the Hotel De Cima to it's beach restaurant, La Corriente .  What makes this tunnel worth visiting is the fantastic tile mosaics of sealife that adorn the sides of the tunnel.  It is worth a visit just to see these tile mosaics!

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Luis The Flan Man

Luis The Flan Man

One of our favourite treats is to buy and eat flan from Luis the Flan Man.  Luis' wife cooks the flan overnight and Luis walks the beach selling it to people on the beach in front of the Malecon or at the palapa restaurants.  He has many flavours and it is so delicious!

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Jose the Glass Engraver

Jose the Glass Engraver

Jose is a fixture in the Golden Zone in Mazatlán.  He engraves glasses and glasswear with whatever you want and makes custom jewelry.  He is usually found in the afternoons at the Hotel Costa De Oro and on Tuesday afternoons at the Brenster's Beach Bash.

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Jose the Martial Artist

Jose The Martial Artist For many years in the past, Jose was a fixture on the beach in Mazatlán putting on a martial arts show in which he would whip a cigarette out of someone's mouth blindfolded, walk on glass, and lay on glass with someone standing on his back.

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Calvin the Broom Contest Guy

Calvin The Broom Contest Guy

For many years in the past, Calvin was a fixture on the beach.  He would make money by challenging people to pick up his broom which had a weight on it.

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Hacienda Hotel Lights

colored lights of Hacienda hotel in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

The Hacienda Hotel is located right on Avenida del Mar next to the Malecon.  On special occasions, it will change all it's outside lights to match the occasion.  For example, for Valentine's Day, they will make a red heart; for independence day they will have the Mexican flag; for Christmas, they will make a Christmas tree, etc..  This is best viewed from the Golden Zone when it is dark.  You can see it well from Joe's Oyster Bar!

Devil's Cave

Devil's Cave in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico The Devil's Cave is a mysterious cave located off of Paseo Claussen near where the cliff divers dive.  The history of this cave is murky.  It may have been a natural cave.  It may have been man made to store ice.  There are stories of it being used for clandestine parties!  It is now gated so you can't enter it.  However, if you look closely you might see something or someone inside!

Jack Kerouac Plaque on Hotel La Siesta

There is a plaque on the Hotel La Siesta in Olas Altas commemorating a stay by Jack Kerouac, who was a famous novelist and poet and a key figure in the Beat generation.

ToniCol drink

Toni Col drink in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Mazatan Suntan Lotion

Mazatan Suntan Lotion in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Punto Valentino

Punto Valentino in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico Punto Valentino is Mazatlán's newest entertainment complex containing 6 clubs, bars, and restaurants in iconic castle on the point.  The first club is scheduled to open in mid-March 2021, with the remaining venues completed by the end of 2021.  This complex used to be called Fiestaland and was home to the famous Valentino's and Bora Bora nightclubs!
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