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Mazatlán Shopping

There is a lot of shopping available in Mazatlán, from local shops selling souvenirs and clothes to the local markets to grocery superstores to Walmarts/Home Depots to large shopping malls.  So, you can get most, if not all, of what you would purchase in the US/Canada in Mazatlán.

Here are some of the most popular and interesting Shopping alternatives.

Mercado Pino Suarez (Downtown Market)

Municipal Market Municipal Market

The main local market downtown is officially called the 'José María Pino Suárez municipal market' but is usually referred to as the 'Mercado Pino Suarez'.

It is large market that takes up an entire square block that has about 200 stores within it.  It has fruit and vegetable stands, butcher shops, chicken, fish, and dairy shops.  Additionally, there are shops that sells non-food items such as clothes and souvenirs.  Upstairs there are some very inexpensive food vendors.

It is located in downtown Mazatlán, 1 block from the Cathedral.  The Sabalo Centro (big green bus) which runs from the Golden Zone stops right in front of the market.  You can catch the bus back to the Golden Zone from behind the market.

Cost: free to enter
Hours: Mon-Sat: 6am-6pm, Sun: 6am-2pm

In 2023, it turned 124 years old!  It is a real Mexican market experience complete with the pigs heads!

Downtown Shops and Department Stores

Downtown Shops

There are many independent downtown shops and a few department stores in Mazatlán in the area around the municipal market.  Downtown Mazatlán has an abundance of shoe stores!

Local Shops

Local Shops

There are many local shops all over Mazatlán.  If you are in the Golden Zone, there are many local shops along Avenida Camaron Sabalo.  You can barter for most things in these local shops.

Shopping Malls

Gran Plaza Mall in Mazatlan

There are 2 large modern shopping malls in Mazatlán.  These malls are similar to large malls in the US/Canada.  Also, the prices are similar to what you would find in the US/Canada.

The Gran Plaza is located close to the Golden Zone in Mazatlán.  It has hundreds of stores, many restaurants, food fair, and a multi-screen movie theatre in a large air-conditioned mall.

The newest mall, Liverpool Galerias, is a huge upscale mall near the Marina Mazatlán area.  It has hundreds of stores in a large air-conditioned mall.

Jewelry Stores

Jewelry Stores

There are many Jewelry Stores in Mazatlán.  Historically, Mexico has had fantastic silver jewelry.  There are a bunch of jewelry stores in the Golden Zone near the Hotel Playa Mazatlán on Avenida Playa Gaviotas.

Grocery Stores

Grocery Stores

There are many Grocery Stores in Mazatlán.

These grocery stores are similar to grocery stores in the US and Canada.

For example, there is a large superstore called Soriana Hiper (formerly called Mega), 1 block up Avenida Rafael Buelna from Punto Valentino at the edge of the Golden Zone that is popular with gringos.

Another large grocery store that is popular with gringos is the Walmart near the Marina Mazatlán area.

The prices in the large grocery stores are not that much cheaper than in the US/Canada.  You can get lower prices if you go to smaller local grocery stores away from the tourist areas.

Note: Due to a new law in Mazatlan, grocery stores will NOT give out plastic bags.  So, BRING YOUR OWN BAGS!

Farmer's Market

Farmer's Market

There is a weekly organic farmer's market at Plazuela Zaragoza on Saturdays from 8am to noon.  Here you can buy lots of different organic food!

Hardware Stores

There are just a few Hardware Stores in Mazatlán.  There is a large Home Depot a few blocks up Avenida Rafael Buelna from Punto Valentino.

Audio/Visual and Computer Stores

For audio/visual, and computer accessories, there is a store called Steren that is the place to go.  It is located on at: 1111 Avenida Zaragoza in Centro.  This is 5 blocks in from the malecon on Aquiles Serdan then 2 blocks left.  They also have a location in the Galerias Mall in the Marina Mazatlán area.

Pharmacy/Drug Stores

Pharmacies in Mazatlán

There are many small and large drug stores all over Mazatlán.  Look for store signs that say 'Pharmacia'.

Book Stores

The Mazatlan Book Company in the Golden Zone has thousands of books in English.  Their address is: Av. Playa Gaviotas #413 L-8.  This is around the curve from the Dugout Sports Bar and almost across from the Venados store.  Their phone # is: 669-994-5815.  They are usually only open for a few hours on Wednesdays.

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