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2024 Spring Break in Mazatlán

Spring Break in Mazatlán Sinaloa, Mexico

Spring Break happens in Mazatlán from January through April, but usually peaks in March.  Many American and Canadian students come to Mazatlán to party!

Some of the benefits of coming to Mazatlán for spring break are that the drinking age in Mazatlán is 18, so most college students can legally drink!  Also, the price of food and drinks are relatively inexpensive so you can have a great time for less money!

Spring Break happens over a long period of time (January to April) because different schools have different spring break weeks.

Spring Break in Mazatlán is a little less crazy than 20 years ago when there used to tens of thousands of spring breakers who came to Mazatlan.  Now, there are less spring breakers, but it is still fun!

Spring Breakers usually stick to the Golden Zone and Sabalo Country areas of town.


BreakNow.com offers tour packages to Mazatlán for Spring Break.  They offer packages to 6 different hotel resorts: El Cid Mega Resort, El Cid Marina (option 2), Oceano Palace Beach Hotel, Playa Mazatlan Beach Hotel, Pueblo Bonita Beach Resort, and Riu Emerald Bay.

The Riu Emerald Bay is the largest all-inclusive resort in Mazatlán, but is aways from the main tourist area.  If you are planning on just staying at the resort then that is fine, but if you want to be more in the tourist area where you can leave the resort, then the El Cid Mega Resort (option 1) and Hotel Playa Mazatlán all-inclusive options are probably better.  The Playa Mazatlan is right next to Joe's Oyster Bar, one of the best nightclubs.  The Oceano Palace Beach hotel is an ok option as there are a bunch of restaurant/bars nearby.  We wouldn't recommend the El Cid Mega Resort (option2) or the Pueblo Bonita resort as they aren't the most for parties because they are a little more upscale.

Telephone: 516-889-0101, 800-231-4Fun
website: breaknow.com

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