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Spring Break in Mazatlán

Spring Break in Mazatlán Sinaloa, Mexico

Spring Break happens in Mazatlan from January through April, but peaks in March.  American and Canadian students will come to Mazatlan to party!  Different schools have different spring break weeks, but most are in March.  There used to be thousands of spring breakers in Mazatlan, but there are considerably less.  There are also less organized spring-break specific activities such as all-you-can drink parties, foam parties, etc.  Mazatlan still gets spring breakers because of the drinking age of 18 years old and the relatively cheap prices of booze, food, and accomdation.

Spring Break is less popular in Mazatlan now than 20 years ago.  There are less organized tours that bring students to Mazatlan then there used to be.  Mazatlan used to be one of the main spring break destinations, but for many reasons, the number of American and Canadian students dwindled significantly.  However, you will see assorted groups of Spring Breakers in Mazatlan from January through April, with most coming in March.

Spring Breakers usually stick to the Golden Zone and Sabalo Country areas of town.

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