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Mazatlán Telecommunications

This page will provide information on telecommunications such as Cell Phones, Internet, television/cable, and Pay Phones in Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Cell Phones in Mazatlán

Cell Phones are relatively inexpensive in Mazatlán.  You can even buy them in the OXXO corner stores.  If you are going to be staying for a few weeks or more it might be cheaper to just buy a cheap cell phone in Mexico to use for your trip rather than pay roaming charges on your US or Canadian cell phone.  You can bring the phone back the following year(s) and just buy some more time for it!  In 2019, we got a good brand new smartphone and a month of time/data for $90 Canadian.  Our roaming fee was $10/day so it paid for itself in 9 days and we still have the phone to reuse next year!

Internet Access in Mazatlán

Every hotel in Mazatlán should provide WiFi to it's guest however some hotels do charge extra for it.  WiFi is widespread in Mazatlán.  Many coffee shops and restaurants provide free WiFi to their customers.

Tip: Buy a coffee once at a restaurant that has WiFi to get their WiFi information, then you can sit near the restaurant whenever you want and use their WiFi!

English USA and Canadian TV in Mazatlán

You can get English language USA and Canadian TV in Mazatlán.  This is for property owners and residents.  The company that accomodates this is MazSatellite.  It appears that they just offer Shaw receivers.  Shaw is a large Canadian cable company.

We know expats living in Mazatlán that use this service and are happy with it.  The only thing is that they are becoming Toronto Blue Jays and Toronto Raptors fans because there are so many of their games on TV!!!

Mazatlán Phone (sales): 669-910-0270, cell: 669-106-0966
Mazatlán Phone (service): 669-133-1460, cell: 669-918-0808
email (sales):
email (service):

Pay Phones in Mazatlán

pay phone in in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

There are no more pay phones in Mazatlán.  Most people have cellphones which are inexpensive in Mexico.

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