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RV and Trailer Parks in Mazatlán

There are a few trailer parks in Mazatlán where you can park your trailer or RV and stay.  More people used to drive down in their RVs from the United States and Canada, but there are less now.  Hence, there are fewer trailer parks than before.

Mar Rosa Trailer Park in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Mar Rosa Trailer Park

2021-12-01: This trailer park is currently closed and is being used to store sand and gravel for construction.  We are unsure whether it will ever reopen.

Located north of the Golden Zone in Sabalo Country area, this is a large trailer park located right on the beach.  This trailer park used to be very busy, but is less busy these days.

Address: Avenida Camaron Sabalo 702, Zona Dorada, 82100
Phone: 011-52-669-913-6187

Punta Cerritos Trailer Park in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Punta Cerritos RV Park

Located at Cerritos point, this trailer park is at the northern end of the tourist zone.  This seems to be the most popular trailer park in Mazatlan these days.  This trailer park has a very small swimming pool and is close to beaches.  Note that there are only a few restaurants and shops at Cerritos so you have to travel to get groceries.

Website: Punta Cerritos RV Park Facebook page
Address: Avenida Cerritos, 82110
Phone: 011-52-669-988-1505

California Trailer Park in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

California Trailer Park

This trailer park has closed down and they are building on the lot now so it is closed permanently.

Address: Avenida Rafael Buelna 103, Lomas de Mazatlán, 82110

Tres Amigos RV

This trailer park is located on Stone Island that is associated with King David tours.

Phone: 669 914 1444

Las Palmas Trailer Park

This trailer park closed many years ago.  It was located behind the Las Palmas Hotel which also closed a long time ago.

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