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2023-2024 Visitor and Resident's Guide to Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

This is a 2023/2024 guide for visitors to and residents of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico.

Mazatlán is located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa on the west coast of Mexico on the Pacific Ocean.  Mazatlán is known as the 'Pearl of the Pacific'!

Mazatlán is both a colonial city and a beach resort tourist town with tens of miles of fabulous Beaches and fantastic weather especially during the winter months!

Mazatlán is a popular year-round tourist destination for Mexican travellers.  From the beginning of November to the end of April, tens of thousands of tourists and snowbirds come from the United States and Canada.

Mazatlán was founded on May 14, 1531 by 25 Castilians sent by Don Nuño de Guzmán, after founding Culiacán.  So, Mazatlán is 491 years old in 2022!

Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Olas Altas (old town) in Mazatlán

Golden Zone in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Golden Zone in Mazatlán

Mazatlán is a medium-sized city with a large port which accomodates Mexico's largest shrimp fleet and many visits by cruise ships.  This is a benefit to tourist because it keeps prices lower than other Mexican resorts because it is not just a tourist town.  Also, because there are so many residents there are more Activities and Attractions than many other Mexican resorts so you won't be bored...unless you try to be!

Mazatlán is also known for it's culture, fabulous restaurants, and vibrant nightlife!  There are nightclubs for the younger set and many bars/restaurants along the beach front.  There is also live music and dancing nightly.  Check out our 2023 Live Music Calendar.  Also check out our 2023/2024 Mazatlán Events Calendar to see what's happening in Mazatlán.

Joe's Oyster Bar in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Joe's Oyster Bar in Mazatlán

So, Mazatlán is the best of all worlds by allowing you to have the vacation that you want...anything from a lazy lay at the pool all-day at an all-inclusive resort to shopping to eating well to a full on partying...Mazatlán has it all!

We have been travelling to Mazatlán for almost 30 years for extended vacation and will attempt to tell you everything that you need to know to visit or reside in Mazatlán.

Check out all our Mazatlán pages (Attractions, Activities, Accommodations, Food and Drink, Entertainment, Shopping, Only in Mazatlán, Areas of Town, Events , Services, How Tos, and General) below to make your trip to Mazatlán better!

Sunset in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Enjoying a sunset on the beach in Mazatlán

Punto Valentino in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico

Punto Valentno in Mazatlán

Mazatlán Attractions

Attractions There are so many attractions to see in Mazatlán.  Mazatlán has one of the longest seawalls, called the Malecon, in the world right along the bay!  There is also the El Faro lighthouse which is the second highest lighthouse in the world.  The Mazatlán Aquario is one of the best aquariums in latin america.   More info about attractions...

Mazatlán Activities

Activities There are so many things to do in Mazatlán.  Some of the activities that you might do are go to the beach, swim in the ocean, golf, fishing, tennis, hiking, biking, tours, eating, drinking, shopping, and many other activities. More info about activities...

Mazatlán Accomodations

Accomodations Since Mazatlán has the largest city of any beach resort, there are many different accomodations.  You can stay in hotel, motels, condos, rooms in houses, trailer parks and there is even a hostel. More info about accomodations...

Mazatlán Food and Drink

Malecon(Seawall) Since Mazatlán is a large town, there are many restaurants and bars where you can indulge in food and drink.  Mazatlán is known as the shrimp capital of Mexico so you can normally find shrimp on most menus!  There are all types of food and drink available in Mazatlán. More info about food and drink...

Mazatlán Entertainment

Entertainment There is lots of entertainment in Mazatlán.  Every night in Mazatlán you can find local bands playing in open-air restaurants that you can dance to.  There are a bunch of large indoor and outdoor Nightclubs that you can dance and drink until really late.  There are weekly all you can drink parties, and even movies in english is you want! More info about entertainment in Mazatlán...

Mazatlán Shopping

Shopping One of the favorite activities of visitors to mazatlan is shopping.  Mexico has always been famous for it's silver jewelry, but you will find all types of shopping in Mazatlán from beach vendors, to traditional mexican markets, to fancy malls, mazatlan has it all! More info about shopping in Mazatlán...

Only in Mazatlán

Only In Mazatlán There are so many cool things that you will experience and see only in Mazatlán!  From the open air pulmonia taxis to the shrimp ladies, to the beach vendors and local characters, these only in Mazatlán things make Mazatlán what it is! More info about Only in Mazatlán things...

Mazatlán Areas of Town

Areas of Town Mazatlán is a large town and as such has many different areas of town.  The area of town that you stay in will make a huge difference in your stay.  Mazatlán is most famous for being a beach resort with tens of miles of beach.  The main beach and party area is called the Golden Zone where there are many beachfront hotels that are mainly frequented by Canadians and Americans.  The malecon strip is the older, less expensive, more mexican area where the hotels are across the street from the beach.  The old town in mazatlan has many many old buildings and is more an artsy, cultural scene!  To the north are many beach front and marina condos which offer a more quiet experience. More info about the areas of town of Mazatlán...

Mazatlán Events

Events Mazatlán is a fun town.  There are so many annual and special events that make Mazatlán what it is.  Mazatlán has one of the largest Carnivals (i.e. Mardi Gras) in the world!  Other events include Semana Santa, International Motorcycle week, International triathlon and marathon, among other events.  The Day of the Dead parade is becoming one of the year's favorite events.  We have information about all the major events in Mazatlán! More info about events...

Mazatlán Services

Services When you are in Mazatlán, you may need to make use of some of the local services such as doctors, dentists, real estate agents, property management companies, laundry, seamstresses, lawyers, florists, etc.  We tell you how to make use of these services and where you can find them. More info about Services...

Mazatlán How To

How To We have How To information for the things that you may need to know for your visit to Mazatlán, such as how to use a taxi, how to take the local buses, how to use pay phones, etc. More how to info...

What's New/Happening/Planned in Mazatlán in 2023

October 14, 2023: People all over have their telescopes out to watch the eclipse.  Next year in April is the total solar eclipse!

October 14, 2023: Work has started on the old Casa De Marino to turn it into a cultural centre.  Bulldozers are working there now!

September 21, 2023: The Fiesta Inn and One Hotels were officially opened in the 3-Island (Tres Isla) Centre.  They have a total of 282 hotel rooms.

Smoking was banned almost anywhere in Mexico.  However, we have heard that there may be an exemption for outdoor restaurants and clubs because the smoking ban is impacting tourism.

There are some new hotels that will/have opened in Mazatlán in 2023: Fiesta Inn, Hotel One, and Courtyard by Marriot with more under construction and planned.  Mazatlán is booming!

September, 2023: Six of the U-Turn spaces on the Avenida del Mar have been permanently closed.  Previously, they had put planters in them to prevent U-turns.  This was done to increase traffic flow and reduce accidents.

June 11, 2023: The mayor just announced that at least 8 beach accesses will be fixed up and washrooms will be installed.

June 2023: A landscape architect has been hired to do some improvements to Central Park such as adding more trees.

May 24, 2023: The director of the port says that they are awaiting one last permit before being able to build the zip line from El Faro Lighthouse to the Observatory 1873.  They expect to have it soon and will start construction within a few weeks.  If all goes well, the zip line may be operational by August 2023!

May 16, 2023: The bullfighting ring is being demolished to make way for the new World Trade Centre complex.

May 16, 2023: Work has not yet started on the new cruise ship terminal, but reports are that construction may start in 2024.

There is a new mayor in town and he is making his mark.  He has cancelled the plans to make the Plaza de Banda near El Faro Lighthouse.  He has ripped out the giant speed bumps on the main road through the Golden Zone(Avenida Camaron Sabalo).  He has changed the rules at Central Park so you can bring in food and bring in your pets.  We expect much more to come.

There is lots going on with the Cultura Mazatlan organization which runs all the Carnival, Day of the Dead, and other cultural activities.  They fired the top guy for overspending the budget and there may be money missing!

What's New/Happening/Planned in Mazatlán in 2022

Daylight savings time is not observed anymore as of 2023 in Mexico so the last time change was Oct 30, 2022.

Mazatlán is still growing like crazy that it is hard to keep up!  Here are some of the changes, new, and planned things in Mazatlán in 2022.  Also, just some tidbits on what is happening in town!

As Mazatlán grows and more people live near the beach there is an effort by these newcomers to make things more quiet!  The Banda bands that go up and down the beach and play for people are having conflicts with some of the hotels due to the noise and beach access.  Also, the Pulmonias and Aurigas are under presssure to lower the volume of their music as they drive on the Malecon and in the city.  Mazatlán has always been loud, but now there seems to be some pressure to turn down the volume!

There is a new live rock and roll music venue called: Legends BFD that opened in October 2022.  It is in the Golden Zone in the spot where Simbas used to be next to Que Pasa.  We will add their shows to our 2022-2023 Mazatlán Live Music Daily Calendar.

Puerto Viejo restaurant in Olas Altas has been torn down.  There is a 10 story residential condinium planned to built on the site.  Supposedly, the residents of the area didn't want a condo, but it went to court and the developer won so they are proceeding with building a condo.

The owner of Twisted Mamas restaurant/bar in the Golden Zone, Cindy, passed away.  The restaurant has closed permanently.  Overtime Sports Bar has moved into this space from a couple blocks away and has reopened as of September 2022.

There is a plan to build a 40 metre by 5 metre dock with a restaurant at Olas Altas at the Pedro Infante esplanade.  Also, there will be a tunnel under the road to the Casa Lucila Boutique Hotel for it's clients.

For those that don't know, Mazatlán banned plastic shopping bags in stores in 2021, so remember to bring reusuable shopping bags when you go grocery shopping.

As of September 2022, there are 2 new attractions in Mazatlan's Central Park.  There is now an Animal Kingdom that has over 20 enclosures of reptiles and birds.  Also, there are 7 Dancing Fountains that shoot water up to 10 meters high and have computer controlled multiple-color lighting.

Beatles, Marilyn Monroe, Liverpool Alley

There is a new Jacques Cousteau monument on Paseo Clausen.  It cost over 1.5 million pesos to create.  This monument resided in Central Park for a short time before being moved here.

The mayor announced that when the new Sea of Cortez Aquarium opens up in February 2023(planned), the current Mazatlán Aquarium will be converted into a Wax Museum.

A video surfaced showing a second glass viewpoint, similar to the one at the El Faro Lighthouse, on Paseo Centenario.  The video shows a terraced walkway down to the lookout.  This is currently called 'El Corazon'.  The city has already started remodelling the upper part of the viewpoint.  The mayor said that this will add to the tourist corridor to the future Plaza del la Banda.  So, the idea of a glass lookout seems plausible.

There is now a phone number to book a Pulmonia taxi.  The number is: 669-164-9770

There are plans to build a new 21 kilometer highway direct from the airport to Cerritos parallel to the railway line.  It appears that the land has been acquired from the railway, but there is no budget to build it in this year's budget.

The private runway of the Mazatlán Aerospace park has been completed.  This is another step in the ongoing construction of the aerospace park.

There are hopes that the 3rd and final stage of remodelling of the Pino Suarez Market (main downtown market) will be completed in 2023.  It was delayed due to the Covid pandemic.

There are plans in 2024 to build a World Trade Center location in Mazatlán on the property where the bull fighting ring is.  This will be one of over 300 WTC locations aroung the world.

What was new/planned in Mazatlán in 2021

Mazatlán is changing and growing so fast it is hard to keep up!  Here are some of the changes, new, and planned things in Mazatlán.

A new soccer stadium, Mazatlán Stadium, affectionately called 'the Kracken' was built.  The Liga Mx 1st division team from Morelia moved to Mazatlán and was renamed the Mazatlán FC Soccer Club.  They have already started playing!

The former Fiestaland (white castle on point) entertainment complex is being redeveloped.  It has been renamed Punto Valentino.  Bora Bora nightclub has been torn down.  So far, a outdooor beach club, Onaki Beach Club, and a seafood restaurant called Onaltica have opened.  There are plans for 6 more bars and restaurants to open by the end of the year!

Part of Central Park has been completed and open to the public.  It was planned to have a new giant Mazatlan Museum shaped like a pearl and and IMAX theatre, but we are not sure if these are being built yet.

The Mazatlán Aquarium is undergoing a huge renovation and enlargement.  It will be renamed the Sea of Cortez Aquarium and will be the largest aquarium in Latin America.  So far, a few new exhibits have opened.

Mazatlan's newest attraction is the 1873 Observatory.  You take a funicular train up to the Observatory.  The observatory has been restored to the 1873 time frame.  There are tours related to birds and mescal making that you can take here.  Also, the views are fabulous!

The rebuilding of the Malecon seems to be complete..at least until the next mayor takes office and rebuilds it again!

The roundabout in front of Punto Valentino has been redeveloped.  There is now a fountain with a new monument in the middle.

There are now bicycle lanes on the Malecon and a 6km one near Oscar Perez Escobosa Avenue that runs from the Marina Mazatlán to Cerritos.

As of December 2021, they are still working on the upgrades to the streets and sidewalks in the Golden Zone.

There are a few new Hotels, and condos.  For example, the Courtyard Marriott is supposed to open in October 2021 and the Ramada Mazatlán has changed it's name to be the Gaviana Resort.

A zip line to/from the El Faro Lighthouse was planned, then scrapped, then possibly on again.  Who knows whether this will happen or not.

A new cruise state of the art cruise ship terminal has been planned in the port near where you catch the boats to go to Stone Island.  Not sure where this project stands now due to the Covid pandemic.

A new aerospace park is being built on the outskirts of the city.  We will see if this becomes a big job creator or not.

There are also rumours of a big new container terminal to be built just south of Mazatlán.  This terminal would be part of a big rail link that would go all the way to Canada!

There are rumours that Mazatlán is trying to get a team in the LMB (Mexican Baseball League) that will play during the summer in the baseball stadium.  The Venados will still continue in their league.

The Inn at Mazatlán has just had a huge mural painted on it.  The artist is Sergio Ramirez from El Rosario, Sinaloa.

Diego's Beach House has put up a roof and new kitchen in the back section.  They have temporary walls that they can put up and air-condition the space during the hot summer days when required.  As part of the new kitchen, they have a stone fired pizza oven and hence a new menu!  A new stage setup will be used for Brenster's Beach Bash to allow more people to be seated on the beach.

On October 13, 2021 Hurricane Pamela hit Mazatlán as a category 1 hurricane.  There was damage, but Mazatlán mostly survived.  Most notable was that the roof of Tony's Terraza was destroyed and there was extensive flooding in the Cerritos area.